Center for International Development Speakers

Spoke about Bangladeshi social businesses at the “Center for International Development Speakers’ Series, Fall 2021” hosted by Harvard University
My major talking points:
1. Philanthropic entrepreneurs should focus on scaling businesses both in terms of fund mgt and impact creation
2. Development incubators are needed to flourish more socially impactful businesses
3. Have a model that not only solves a big problem of your society but also can be copied effectively in similar broader contexts
4. We need smart collaborative capital
5. Counselling sessions to boost up the real need for more socially impactful businesses
6. We need results-driven system change….in the one hand social entrepreneurs need to thrive as org with specific results/implementation for change, on the other hand, they need a broader system change agenda. Need to know for whom they are doing this, surely the solution should benefit more people..they should prove how it’s doable.


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